Bet on the Year of Prince Harry’s Marriage

Ever since Prince Harry was old enough, there has been much speculation in the media about who he will be marrying and when he will actually tie the knot and settle down.

Known for his wild lifestyle and adventures, it seems that Prince Harry might finally be taking a leaf out of his older brother’s book and considering getting married.

Now 30 years old, the world is waiting for Prince Harry to find the love of his life and give us all another magical royal wedding to watch, but nobody knows when this is likely to take place.

Bet on Prince Harry's marriage

PaddyPower thinks Prince Harry might be tying the knot this year (Image: Carfax2)

Whom Could He Marry?

We all thought Chelsy Davy would be the lucky lady, but when the pair separated after several years of dating each other, all eyes turned to other potential candidates. Although there has been rumour since then of the couple getting back together, we haven’t seen that happen.

After the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, the world thought that Pippa Middleton, younger sister of Kate, had a good chance at becoming the next Middleton royal. However, she ended up dating Nico Jackson, a stockbroker, much to the dismay of the public.

A lot of people thought he’d found the one when he started dating Cressida Bonas, but, this only lasted a couple of years before the pair amicably separated and went their different ways.

When Could Prince Harry Get Married?

By the look of things, there’s nobody Prince Harry has in mind right now, so we could be looking at another few years before he settles down with the love of his life. However, you never know with the Royal Family – they can make decisions much quicker than we all think.

Cressida Bonas reportedly said that she didn’t feel ready to marry Prince Harry last year, so it could be the case that he just hasn’t been fortunate enough to find a lady who feels the time is right to settle down with him.

However, when he does find “the one”, it could all happen very quickly right before our very eyes!

Betting on When Prince Harry Will Get Married

If you think Prince Harry will be getting married this year, then PaddyPower is in agreement with you. Although it doesn’t look like there’s anyone he has in mind at the moment, the bookies think that Harry will tie the knot in the next few months.

With odds of 4/1 on PaddyPower, gamblers can win some serious cash if the royal prince does settle down this year.

If you think next year will be his lucky year and the year that we all get to see another royal wedding take place in London, the odds are 6/4 with PaddyPower.

William Hill, on the other hand, have odds of 3/1 for Prince Harry getting married this year, odds of 2/1 for the prince marrying himself off in 2016, and odds of 10/11 for the eligible bachelor tying the knot in 2017 or a later year.

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