Bet on the Proof of the Existence of Aliens

Humans have been speculating about the existence of aliens for many years now.

From David Bowie’s famous song “Is there Life of Mars?” to the discoveries and studies which are constantly being released by scientists, there are plenty of things to get us thinking about what we really believe regarding aliens.

Some people like to think that aliens exist purely as a matter of interest and perhaps because they are die-hard fans of sci-fi movies, such as Star Trek and Star Wars.

While there is no concrete evidence as yet concerning whether aliens do exist or not, it’s not totally impossible that new evidence could come about in the future.

Bet on Existence of Aliens

Want to bet that they’re real?

Where to Bet on the Existence of Extraterrestrials

For those who want the excitement of betting on the proof of the existence of aliens, there are several betting websites which allow you to do this, although there are more which won’t take your bets.

PaddyPower is just one of the bookies that you can use if you want to place a novelty bet on the existence of aliens.

This website allows you to bet on which year you think the USA President will announce undoubtedly that aliens do actually exist.

If you think an announcement will be made this year, or any specific year until and including 2019, there are odds of 100/1 with PaddyPower. If you want to bet on the announcement being made in 2020 or afterwards, you’re looking at odds of 1/100.

Another bookmaking website which encourages gamblers to bet on the proof of existence of aliens if Betfair, a popular website for betting on sports. The odds are this website are very different from those on PaddyPower.

Those who bet on the existence of aliens being proven this year will see odds of 60/1, whereas there are odds of 80/1 for the years 2016, 2017 or 2019. The year 2018 has been given odds of 100/1, while the years 2020 or later have odds of 1/100.

How Close Are We to Establishing Contact?

With scientists constantly claiming that proof of alien existence will be shown very soon, it’s difficult to make an educated bet. Making a bet on something like this really is a “shot in the dark”, since none of us know when or if this proof could ever be brought to light.

A lot of bookmakers have refused to take bets on the existence of aliens, and of a list of the most popular betting companies, only two or three will be prepared to take your bet on this.

However, people have been betting and losing money on this for the last few years. In 2008, bookies worriedly stopped taking any bets on the proof of existence of aliens, after scientists had announced that there would soon be an alien landing.

While it seems unlikely at the moment, a lucky punter could see themselves becoming the next millionaire in a few years if they bet in a clever way and we do end up seeing that aliens actually exist somewhere in the universe.

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