Betting on Britain’s National Bird of 2015

The voting for Britain’s National Bird of 2015 will close at midnight on Thursday, May 7th, the same day that the British public will be taking part in voting in the General Election.

The coinciding of dates makes this vote seem very important; however, you can vote any time between now and midnight on May 7th.

Betting on Britain's National Bird of 2015


It is considered strange by many people that Britain has not had a national bird each year.

The robin was voted Britain’s National Bird at some point in the 1960s, but a similar vote has not taken place since this time.

The vote this year promises to be very exciting, especially for the keen birdwatchers and fans among us.

Which Birds Have Been Shortlisted?

The barn owl is among the birds which have been shortlisted for the award.

There are fewer things more spectacular than seeing one of these creatures during the night time, and the fact that we rarely get the opportunity to see them gives them an air of mystery which could win them the vote.

The barn owl is the second favourite of bookie William Hill, with odds of 11/2.

The kingfisher is a beautiful bird, showcasing bright blue and orange colours. The long beak makes this bird almost unmissable, but seeing one in the first place could be a very rare occasion.

With odds of 8/1, there will be many kingfisher fans voting for this pretty feathered friend.

At the bottom of William Hill’s list with 20/1 is the red kite. Quite the success story in Britain, there are now more than 3,000 of these majestic creatures in the UK.

If any bird proves that good can come out of trying to conserve a specific species, it’s definitely the red kite.

However, the robin seems to be a hot favourite, not only judging by William Hill’s odds of 1/4 but also looking at Bet Fair’s odds of 1/3.

Famous for appearing on thousands of Christmas cards and appearing in the gardens of many British homes every year, it’s no wonder that this little bird is so popular. Its well-known red breast sets this bird apart from many others which are often spotted during the day.

Voting for the National Bird 2015

Perhaps you have a real passion for birds, or maybe you just want to take part and vote for the National Bird of Britain 2015.

Whatever the case, you can vote for the bird you think deserves the title on the Vote National Bird website. You can vote either via the website or by sending your votes by post.

Betting on the National Bird 2015

Even though the voting ends at midnight on the 7th May, it’s important to note that the betting with William Hill actually ends at the end of April. You can place your bets until 11pm on April 30th.

Once the voting has closed, the winner of the title will be announced shortly after, so keep your eyes peeled!

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