Betting on the Irish Lottery with Paddy Power

Fancy a punt on the Irish National Lottery?

If the 1 in 10,000,000 odds of bagging the jackpot seem a bit long, Paddy Power has a lineup of novelty Irish Lotto bets on anything from the colour of the bonus ball to the highest number drawn.

These are simple bets that don’t need any extra expertise.

betting on the irish lottery

Bonus Ball Colour

This is a straightforward singles only market.

You’ll be betting on the colour of the bonus ball after the initial six balls are drawn.

This could be green (9/4), yellow (5/2), blue (5/2) or red (5/2).

First Six Out: Odd or Even?

Here’s a market with much longer odds. Your money will be on whether the first six balls drawn are all odd or all even.

Because of the distribution of odd and even numbers in the total of 47, you’ll get a price of 60/1 for all even numbers and 40/1 for all odd.

First Ball Out: Odd or Even?

Will the first ball to roll down the ramp be odd (20/23) or even (19/20)?

Lowest Ball Drawn (First Six Numbers)

Applying to the first six balls only: Will the lowest ball drawn be odd (4/5) or even (evens)?

Bonus Ball Number

If you’re up for long-odds betting on the Irish Lottery with Paddy Power you can have a go at guessing what the bonus ball number will be.

Of course, numbers 1 to 47 all have the same odds here (40/1).

Bonus Ball: Odd or Even

Just like betting on whether the first number will be odd or even, you can put the same wager on the bonus ball.

The odds here are the same, at 20/23 for an odd number and 19/20 for an even one.

First Ball Colour

And if you’re getting the hang of it, the same principle applies to this bet as the bonus ball colour.

You’ll be staking your hard-earned on the colour of the first ball out, choosing green (9/4), yellow (5/2), blue (5/2) or red (5/2).

First Six Balls

This market has the longest odds of all of Paddy Power’s bets on the Irish Lottery. Here you’ll be betting on whether the first six balls drawn are above or below 23.

This works out at 75/1 for less than 23 and the same odds for more than 23.

Highest Ball Drawn

Once again, the pricing of this market is the same as the Lowest Ball Drawn. Will the highest of the initial six balls be odd (4/5) or even (Evens)?

Fancy a Bet on the Lotto?

There’s still time! If any of these markets catch your eye and you’d like to bet on the Irish Lottery with Paddy Power, you’ve got until 19:45 on the day of the draw.

And if you miss it, well don’t worry because there will be another draw on Saturday, and again a week later. Catch it live at 20:00 GMT.

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