Who Will Win the Everyman Wodehouse Prize for Comic Fiction?

Unlike some other annual prizes for literature, the Bollinger Everyman Wodehouse Prize has only been around since 2000, making this year its 16th year.

The prize was named the Everyman Wodehouse Prize in honour of P. G. Wodehouse, an English humorist.

Everyman Wodehouse Prize for Comic Fiction

P. G. Wodehouse

P. G. Wodehouse was well-respected not only in the UK, but all over the world. He was born in 1881, and lived to the grand old age of 93, where he passed away in New York.

He wrote musical comedies alongside his stories, and had the pleasure of working with stars and producers such as Cole Porter and Jerome Kern. He played important roles in the making of musicals such as Anything Goes and Showboat.

He became a citizen of America in 1955, and never returned to England after this. Among the adventures of Wodehouse’s life include a year where he was held in an internment camp by the Germans during the Second World War.

The Everyman Wodehouse Prize

The prize is awarded each year to an author who has made a contribution to the world of comic literature in the UK.

The Everyman Wodehouse Prize is the only award in the UK which is for comic literature, making it a sought-after prize for those who specialise in this genre.

Who Has Previously Won the Prize?

Last year’s winner was Edward St Aubyn, an author from Cornwall in the South West of England. After he was unsuccessful with the Booker Prize in 2006 after his book Mother’s Milk was nominated, St Aubyn must have been very pleased when his Lost for Words managed to win him this prestigious award.

Howard Jacobson, from Manchester, held the title in 2013, after his book Zoo Time beat the other nominations and took him to the top.

Going all the way back to 2000 when the award was first given out, it was Howard Jacobson who had the honour of winning the Everyman Wodehouse Prize for the very first time.

His story, The Mighty Walzer, was clearly a big hit in the comic literature world, and he made history as he took away this award.

Others winners of the prize include Terry Pratchett in 2012, Ian McEwan, Jasper Fforde and Marina Lewycka.

Betting on Who Will Win the Everyman Wodehouse Prize 2015

William Hill believes that Caitlyn Moran’s How to Build a Girl will take the prize this year, and if you agree, the odds are 2/1.

You can bet until May 20th at 10pm if you’re interested in this prize and believe you know who might be in with a good chance of winning.

Irving Welsh is the second favourite of bookie William Hill, with odds of 3/1. His book A Decent Ride has been nominated, after picking up several great reviews from readers.

Irish writer Joseph O’Neill already picked up a different award in 2009 for his novel Netherland, but now it might be time for his more recent work The Dog to shine. With odds of 4/1, he’s just falling

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