What Will Be the Next Irish State Asset to Be Sold?

In a bid to reduce the national debt crisis in Ireland, the government announced that they would be selling off various Irish state assets.

With a whopping $115 billion of debt in 2010, it seemed that the country was left with little choice.

After cuts to public services, the Irish government set about selling airports, train services and many other assets.

It hasn’t finished yet, and there are many more assets which are expected to be sold over the next few years.

What will be the Next Irish State Asset to Be Sold?

What Will Be Sold Next?

While hints are often given as to what might be axed or sold off next, it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what will be the next target. However, there are some main assets which are likely to be up for sale next.

Although the Irish Minister for Enterprise stated that Cork Airport is not for sale at the moment, it seems to be top of the list for getting sold off next. According to PaddyPower, it made the top spot with 6/1 odds.

It’s not the largest airport in Ireland, but it sees more than 2 million travellers every year. It is set to undergo development soon, which could triple the current size of this airport.

Dublin Port Company is next on the list, and with odds of 8/1, it isn’t too far behind Cork Airport. It manages three lighthouses as well as operating tugboats and drydocks, so this asset is certainly something which assists Ireland in many ways.

Bord na Mona is the leading utility service provider in Ireland, and has been around since 1946. Manufacturing products such as coal, firelogs and fuels, it reclaimed bogland around Ireland.

Since 2008, this asset has undergone big changes in development, but this might not stop the government being forced to sell it.

It seems there is as much chance of this being sold as Dublin Port Company, and it also has 8/1 odds.

The third busiest airport in Ireland is Shannon Airport, and is located in the south-west of the country.

With 10/1 odds, this airport is also likely to be sold by the government, with some people even believing private ownership might make it more competitive.

Dáil Éireann, the lower house of the Irish legislature is at the bottom of PaddyPower’s list, and with 250/1 odds, it seems that everybody would be in shock if the Irish government were to sell off this valuable asset.

Other assets include the beautiful Great Blasket Island, located in County Kerry, with 50/1 odds, and Dublin Bus, the main bus transport provider in the capital city.

Betting on Which Irish State Asset Will Be Sold off Next

You can bet on which Irish state asset you think will be sold off next up until June 30th 2015 at 12 noon.

Bets will only apply to the next asset which is sold by the government, and after sale, does not belong to the government anymore in any part.

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