Betting on the Name of William and Kate’s Second Child

The world wasn’t surprised when the royal couple named their first child ‘George’, but will we have a shock the next time around?

Nobody knows what the sex of the second royal baby will be yet, although you can bet on this through bookies such as PaddyPower. However, the lack of this information means that it’s impossible to narrow down your guess.

The world watched in awe as Prince William married his bride Kate Middleton in London at the end of April, 2011. Just over two years later, they introduced their first child to the public, along with his full name, George Alexander Louis.

When Will Their Next Child Be Born?

The second royal baby is due at the end of April, and most people are hoping it will be the 29th of the month in order to give Kate and William a precious anniversary gift.

However, Prince George came into the world nine days later than anticipated, so if the next baby follows in its brother’s footsteps, we could be waiting until May before meeting the next royal.

Apart from betting on the sex of the baby, you can also bet on when the child will be born. If it comes earlier and is born on 21st April, it will be a birthday gift for Queen Elizabeth, the baby’s great-grandmother.

What Could They Name the New Royal Baby?

Andrew Morton, who found fame after writing biographies and articles on the royal family, claims that the child, if a girl, will be called Elizabeth Diana. The first name will, of course, honour her great-grandmother, the Queen, while the middle name would be a tribute to William’s late mother, the Princess of Wales.

While there have not been many rumours about the potential names if the new baby is a male, we wouldn’t be surprised if they named him Andrew, Philip or even William.

Betting on the Name of the Next Royal Baby

It’s no surprise that PaddyPower’s top favourite is Elizabeth, with odds of 7/2. This particular betting company believes that there is a high chance the first name could be Charlotte, if the baby is a girl, and this name has odds of 6/1.

The least favourite and very unlikely name is Caledonia, a name which has odds of 500/1 and is unlikely to attract many bets. Other potential girls names include Beatrice (50/1), Margaret, Katherine and Alice, all with odds of 14/1.

If the royal baby is another boy, the most popular name with PaddyPower is Philip, the name of the baby’s great-grandfather, with odds of 10/1. Arthur has odds of 12/1, and while it hasn’t been seen in the royal family for a while, could definitely be a possibility.

Other male names to make the list include Nigel with odds of 100/1 and Charles with odds of 20/1.

Bet365 agrees with PaddyPower when it comes to the name Elizabeth and has given this name odds of 5/2. BetFred, on the other hand, thinks there is just as much chance of the baby being called Elizabeth as Charlotte.

The results will be known when the baby is born and the name has been officially announced.

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