Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Betting Specials

Prince Harry might not be a bachelor much longer as he and Meghan Markle look set to take their relationship to the next level.

Word is it’s question of “when”, not “if” the couple will tie the knot.

It may even happen before 2017 is up, and Paddy Power has lots of markets if you feel like a punt on Harry and Meghan’s engagement.

Some are reasonable shouts, and others involve an unexpected career change for Harry!

Will Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Marry in 2017? (9/1)

Here’s a fun fact: Did you know that legally, Prince Harry can’t marry Meghan until he has permission from his grandmother?

And at the time of this blog Miss Markle hasn’t been introduced to Her Royal Highness. This part is just a formality of course, but it hasn’t happened yet and we’re halfway through 2017 already.

Given that it would be no small task organising a royal wedding, the odds of the pair marrying in 2017 are understandably long.

Will Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Wedding Take Place in the UK? (1/20)

Now, our royal history isn’t the best, but we’ll bet that you have to go back to the first Georgians, 300 years ago, for the last time an heir to the British crown got married abroad.

And you can guess there would be uproar if fans of the royal family were denied the kind of spectacle they got when William and Kate got hitched in 2011.

What are the Odds of Harry and Meghan Marrying in Canada? (9/1)

But if the couple were to tie the knot anywhere other than the UK, it would be Canada. That’s where they’ve been living, in Toronto, out of the media glare.

Meghan also has roots in Canada, representing a Canadian charity and clothing brand. Meanwhile you can see why it would appeal to Harry as a place where the paparazzi don’t harass him every minute.

If you want to bet that Harry and Meghan won’t get married in the UK, Canada looks to be the most likely alternative.

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Will Harry to Have a Cameo in Suits Before 2018? (40/1)

After a few one-off TV roles, Meghan has made her name on the hit lawyer drama, Suits, which has been airing since 2011. But will Harry join her on screen before the year is out?

It’s a long shot. OK, we know that Harry is an unconventional Royal, getting drunk in public in his younger days and using colourful language on TV and radio.

But appearing on a scripted TV show would be a major break with protocol, so the odds of Harry appearing on Suits this year, even in a cameo role, are on the long side.

Will Harry Be Cast as Mike Ross in Suits Before 2018? (300/1)

In case you’re unaware, one of the main roles in Suits is Mike Ross, an affable and suave lawyer who spent the first five seasons practising law without any credentials.

Far be it from us to tell the Suits producers what to do, but replacing one of the most popular characters on the show with someone who has never acted in his life might not be the best plan.

But it would be amusing to hear Harry speaking in an American accent, and that’s as good a reason as any to get behind it.

Will Meghan and Harry Announce Their Engagement in 2017? (5/6)

If you’re planning a bet on Harry and Meghan you’ll have kept up with the rumours around their relationship. The latest is that they’re looking for a place in Norfolk.

After a year together, that tells you that they’re no longer just “dating”. And as early as February talk was swirling of an engagement.

While it may be too soon for them to get married in 2017, an engagement announcement looks imminent.

Betting on Meghan and Harry

What we can tell from Paddy Power’s odds on Meghan and Harry is that the couple are could be weeks away from getting engaged.

This may be announced in an interview, as it was for Kate and Will, so keep an eye on the rumour mill if you want to put your money down in time.

Nearly all of these bets are specific to 2017 so most markets close on 30th December at 12:00.

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