Bet on the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest

Each year, thousands of people sit around in their living rooms, in the local pubs or with friends to watch the highly-anticipated Eurovision Song Contest.

A competition which has been running since 1956, it allows countries which are members of the European Broadcasting Area to participate in a bid to take the crown.

Bet on the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest

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Where Is the Eurovision Song Contest Held?

The Eurovision Song Contest is held in the country which won the title in the previous year. There have been a few exceptions to this through the years, such as in 1963 when France declined to host due to the lack of funding.

London was asked to host the contest, despite coming fourth the year before (the countries who won second and third place had also declined to host).

This year, Vienna will be the proud host of the Eurovision, and will promote the slogan “Building Bridges”.

How Does the Contest Work?

The Eurovision Song Contest takes place over the course of a week, during which all the performers take part.

Those participating in the contest have been chosen by their home countries, have had opportunities to rehearse while in the home countries and also get the use of the space where the contest is being held to have a rehearsal.

Voting in the Contest

At the start, there was an internal jury for the Eurovision Song Contest as well as the opportunity for all the countries to vote.

Countries award 12 points to their favourite, 10 points to their second favourite and can then give points from 8 down to just 1 to eight of their runners up.

Since 1998, voting from the public via telephone has been allowed, and since 2013, viewers can vote using the mobile app.

Entries are currently ranked by using both the public voting system and a jury of five professionals from each of the participating countries in the contest.

Betting on the Eurovision

William Hill allows those who wish to gamble on the semi-final of the Eurovision to do so by April 30th at 10pm. You can place a bet on who you think will go through to the final of the competition.

If you’d rather make a bet on the final outcome of the Eurovision Song Contest and you have a strong feeling about who you think will be the winner this year, you also have until April 30th at 10pm.

Who Is the Favourite to Win?

The current favourite of William Hill to win the Eurovision is Sweden, with odds of 11/8. The country taking the bottom spot is Switzerland, with odds of 100/1.

However, the winner of the competition is very difficult to predict, since it’s tough to see who the public will vote for until they have all performed.

Betting company Coral also thinks Sweden might win the contest, and Italy is coming in at a close second with odds of 10/3 with both William Hill and Coral.

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