Bet on the Next Doctor Who After Peter Capaldi

Doctor Who is one of the most popular TV shows in the world, and has been broadcast in the UK on the BBC from 1963 until today.

There are currently more than 800 different episodes, and we have seen twelve different actors play the doctor so far.

When it is rumoured that one actor might be leaving his role as the doctor, there is a lot of speculation surrounding this topic.

While there are no rumours yet as to whether or not Peter Capaldi will leave his position, loyal Doctor Who fans will certainly be watching out when the time comes.

Bet on the Next Doctor Who after Peter Capaldi

Previous Doctors

William Hartnell was the first actor to play the title role, and did so from 1963 until 1966.

Patrick Troughton took over after him, and played the role of Doctor Who for the next three years. He was succeeded by Jon Pertwee, who was the third doctor from the beginning of 1970 until 1974.

Tom Baker came along after Pertwee, and stayed in the position for a total of 7 years, appearing in many episodes and making several other appearances too.

Other doctors have included Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant, who played the role from 2005 to 2010.

The current doctor is, of course, Peter Capaldi, who took over after Matt Smith left in 2013.

Who Could Play the Next Doctor?

Although the BBC are not currently looking for an actor other than Capaldi to play Doctor Who, there are several names who have made it on to the list for when the time comes.

A potential future Doctor Who is Ben Daniels, who has 15/2 odds and is at the top of PaddyPower’s list. Daniels is an English actor, born in 1964, and has starred in several TV series, including The Paradise and House of Cards most recently.

Ben Wishaw is a much younger actor than both Ben Daniels and the current Peter Capaldi, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that he won’t be chosen for the role next.

Born in 1980, he has been in stage plays, films such as Brideshead Revisited and even provided the voice for Paddington Bear in the 2014 film. He has 10/1 odds on PaddyPower, putting him in second place.

Russell Tovey also has 10/1 odds, and although he’s mainly known for his more comical roles in films such as The History Boys, he could be perfectly suited to the role of Doctor Who.

Other names on the list include David Walliams, comedian and current X Factor judge, with 14/1 odds and Katie Hopkins, TV personality, with odds of 100/1.

Betting on the Next Doctor Who

If you think you could get lucky and win some cash, you can bet on the next Doctor Who until July 26th 2015 at 10pm.

Remember that the bet only applies to the actor who takes the role of Doctor Who after Peter Capaldi leaves, and it won’t apply to actors who come along any later than this.

  • Hi sorry to be pedantic but the character is the doctor the show is doctor who.

  • Missy confirmed his ‘name’ was Doctor Who – and wasn’t corrected by the Doctor himself.


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