Bet on the Winning Category of X Factor 2015

The X Factor is a popular UK talent show which sees singing hopefuls fight for their chance to win a record contract with Syco Music, Simon Cowell’s record label.

In the competition, there are four different categories; the boys, the girls, the over-25s and the groups.

Each of the groups has a mentor from the panel of four celebrity judges, and three vocalists from each group go through to the live semi-finals.

The contest began in 2004, and is aired each year. After thousands of applications and hundreds of auditions up and down the country, there are twelve finalists who rely on public votes to get through to the next week.

Bet on the Winning Category of X Factor 2015

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Which Category Will Win X Factor 2015?

The most successful category so far has been the Boys category, with a total of four winners. These have included James Arthur, Leon Jackson and Matt Cardle.

The last boy to win the competition was James Arthur in 2012, so could it be the year which sees another under-25 male take the crown?

Paddy Power certainly think so, and with 7/4 odds, it does seem very likely that the Boys will reign victorious in the next X Factor competition.

The girls haven’t been as successful as the boys in previous years, although some big names have come out of this category, including Rebecca Ferguson and Stacey Solomon. However, neither of these were winners.

The winners from the Girls category are Leona Lewis and Alexandra Burke, winning in 2006 and 2008 respectively.

With odds of 2/1, it might be time for the girls to finally make a comeback and show the world what they’re made of.

The first winner of the X Factor, Steve Brookstein, hasn’t made a massive career in the music world, but he was in the Overs category.

There wasn’t a winner from this category for several years, until Sam Bailey won the coveted prize in 2013.

Last year, the Overs managed to gain success again, and Ben Haenow won himself the record contract and the winning spot. With 3/1 odds, the older competitors might just manage to keep the lucky streak going a little while longer.

Finally, the Groups is the category which has had the fewest winners. Only one group, Little Mix, has managed to come out on top of the competition. However, with odds of 4/1, it could be very close competition.

After all, anything can happen on the X Factor, and considering that the auditions haven’t even been held yet, who knows what might happen?

Betting on the Winning Category of X Factor 2015

If you’re feeling lucky, place a bet on the category that you think will win the next season of the X Factor.

You can do this up until August 31st 2015 at 12 noon.

Whether you know someone who is auditioning for this year or you’re just a fan of the show, this might be your lucky year too.

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