Betting on the 2018 Oscars Host

The red carpet has been rolled up and the awards have found their rightful owners, in the end.

Yes, awards season has finally come to a close, so naturally this means it’s time to speculate about next year’s Oscars.

We want to know the betting for the 2018 Oscars host.

betting 2018 oscars host

Bet on a Change

Show business, eh? The Oscars gets through hosts like nobody’s business, with 12 different hosts or pairs of hosts in the last decade.

The days of Billy Crystal coming back every other year are long gone.

This year Kimmel took the reins, but if the last 60 years are anything to go by, you can bet that he won’t be hosting in 2018.

You have to go back to Bob Hope’s run from ‘58 to ‘61 for the last time a host appeared on two consecutive years.

Or Maybe Not?

Kimmel has charm and got some real belly laughs. And he can’t be blamed for the closing debacle either. Paddy Power has odds of 4/1 for him to return next year.

But the TV ratings were the lowest in a decade. If the Academy is worried about viewing figures they may look elsewhere for 2018.

Jimmy Fallon (10/3)

In the Late Night ratings game Fallon’s Tonight Show outstrips Jimmy Kimmel Live! Fallon was also lined up to present the Oscars in 2013 before talks broke down.

He also welcomed Trump onto the Tonight Show in the build-up to the election last year and gave him an easy ride.

If Oscars TV ratings are down because of those “liberal elites in Hollywood”, Fallon gets the nod.

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Chris Rock (6/1)

Having taken the mic for the second time in 2016, Chris Rock might be the pick if the ceremony goes back to rotating a couple of presenters, like Billy Crystal (retired) and Whoopi Goldberg (10/1) in the 90s.

But more importantly Chris Rock is hilarious, walks that line between edgy and wholesome, and has proved that he can keep a show going for four hours.

Kevin Hart (6/1)

Chris Rock was the right man for a delicate moment last year when the Oscars was accused of a lack of diversity.

The comedian Kevin Hart also stole the show with a heartfelt speech on the topic.

Also an experienced comedian, his presence and gravitas last year won’t have gone unnoticed, and he might be a good bet for an Oscars debut in 2018.

Other Favourites to Host the Oscars in 2018

Ellen DeGeneres (7/1) may return for a third go, but don’t rule out the Dwayne Johnson (17/2), Seth Rogen (10/1), Amy Schumer (10/1) or even Samuel L. Jackson (11/1).

If you’re up for betting on the 2018 Oscars host Paddy Power has a market open until Thursday 1st June at 00:00.

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