What Will Beyoncé and Jay Z Name Their Twins?

Beyoncé has just brought the world to a halt by showing off her bump and announcing that she’s expecting twins.

Now we’re wondering what names Beyoncé and Jay Z will choose for their kids.

Knowing that they’ve already named their firstborn Blue Ivy, we can rule out normal names. Or can we?

beyonce twins names

Two Colours Blue?

Most tipsters have looked to Beyoncé and Jay Z’s first child, Blue Ivy for clues. After she was born in 2012 her parents tried and failed to copyright that name.

Maybe there’s some kind of plan for their future offspring. If you’re betting on the names of Beyoncé and Jay Z’s twins this could be a sensible way to go.

It’s no shock that other colours are in the running. You’ve got Rose (25/1), Violet (25/1), Red (40/1), Cerulean (66/1) and Gold (100/1)

Botanical Babies

But they could go another tack and explore the world of flora. And this is where Rose and Violet (both 25/1) get interesting.

Although Lily (12/1) might stand a better chance because it’s a common girl’s name, while Daisy (33/1) is a bit of an outlier.

Family Values

Maybe it’s pointless looking for symmetry to bet on the names of Beyoncé and Jay Z’s twins .

What we do know about both Beyoncé and Jay Z is that they’re loyal to their families. And twins would give them the chance to recognise both sides of the tree. For Beyoncé’s part there’s Tina (16/1), Mathew (16/1) and Solange (16/1).

On Jay Z’s side there’s his mother, Gloria (20/1), which would be an old-school choice!

Looking in the Mirror

The couple could use one of their own names, so Jay (16/1) and Corey (18/1) have pretty low odds.

A lot of punters are also scouring Beyoncé and Jay Z’s professional careers for possible names for their twins.

Roca (33/1) and Ella (20/1) might be a reference to Roc-A-Fella Records, while Brooklyn (33/1) is where Jay Z grew up, and where he’s drawn a lot of inspiration

And then from Beyoncé’s past there’s Michelle (20/1) and Kelly (33/1) of Destiny’s Child. Houston (100/1) meanwhile is way back, as is the name of Beyoncé’s latest album, Lemonade (100/1).


The names for Beyoncé and Jay Z’s twins with the lowest odds are Isaiah (10/1), Indie (10/1), Kat (12/1) and Honey (12/1), and they’re all pretty conventional.

But if you believe the couple want to punish their kids before they’re born, put your hard-earned on Barack (25/1), Hillary (50/1), Oprah (50/1), Destiny (50/1), Bonnie , or of course, Clyde (both 100/1).

Name Your Price

Which of those names sounds most likely to you? Will the babies be given Hollywood names, or will the couple really surprise the world and settle for something normal?

You’ll be able to bet on the names of Beyoncé and Jay Z’s twins with Paddy Power up to Friday 31st March at 12:00.

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