The Favourites for the Eurovision Song Contest 2015

The popular Eurovision Song Contest has been on the scene since 1956. Providing a great way for the Eurovision countries to come together and compete in the music world, it is an annual competition which is watched by millions of people each year.

Bands such as ABBA have found fame through the Eurovision, and artists such as Celine Dion and Johnny Logan have become more popular as a result of the show.

The Favourites for the Eurovision Song Contest 2015

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Eurovision 2015

After Austria won the Eurovision last year with the song ‘Rise Like a Phoenix’, the Eurovision Song Contest will be held in Vienna. According to the tradition of the competition, the winning country will be the host of the next contest.

There will be two semi-finals, which will take place on May 19th and 21st. Gamblers have the opportunity to bet on the countries which will go through to the final, taking place this year on May 23rd.

A total of 40 countries will participate in the Eurovision this year. Australia will be making its debut, while the Ukraine has announced that it will not be making an entry this year, due to issues with their finances and politics in recent times.

The Favourites to Win

While nobody can accurately predict the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest, there are many bookies and individuals who have a go each year at predicting who will take away the crown.

The winner is eventually chosen as a result of the public and a judging panel from each country placing votes and giving their chosen countries points based on who they believed performed the best.


Sweden has been a very popular contestant in the Eurovision Song Contest through the years, winning a total of five times. It won for the first time in 1974, sixteen years after making its debut in 1958.

The last time the Eurovision saw Sweden winning was in 2012. The winner in the 1974 contest was ABBA, a band which went on to find international fame.


Italy is one of the original countries which entered the Eurovision. The first competition in 1956 saw just seven countries competing against each other, and Italy was among these.

Although Italy has only won the contest twice, it did not enter between 1997 and 2011. This country received just 33 points in 2014, but hopes to make a better comeback this year with Il Volo singing ‘Grande amore’.


Unlike Italy, Estonia did not enter the Eurovision Song Contest until 1994, when it came second to last in the final results.

This country has won the competition just once – in 2001. This victory was special since Estonia was the first former Soviet country to become the winner.


Given that Australia will be making its debut this year, it might seem strange that the bookies think it has a good chance – there are odds of 8/1 for Australia to win on PaddyPower.

Their selected entrant for 2015 is Guy Sebastian, who will sing ‘Tonight Again’. A winner of Australian Idol, he could be in with a chance of stealing the Eurovision crown for Australia, giving them a great debut victory.

Betting on the Winner of the Eurovision Song Contest

You can bet on the winner of the Eurovision up until April 30th at 10pm UK time. Slovenia, Finland, Russia and Norway are the favourites after the four countries listed above, but each person is likely to have a different favourite to win this year.

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