Who Will Be the Next Host of The Late Late Show?

The Late Late Show, often referred to simply as The Late Late, is a popular Irish television chat show which began in 1962. It has never changed its broadcaster since it began, making it the world’s longest-running chat show to have the same broadcaster.

What Does The Late Late Show Offer?

The Late Late Show is broadcast every Friday evening at 9:30pm between September and May, and has been proud to welcome special celebrity guest stars over the years, including Mother Theresa, Rod Stewart, Elton John and many more.

Apart from chatting to some of the world’s most loved celebrities, musicians and personalities, the show also brings humour and wit to the world of television. Viewers can catch up on the latest news of the day by listening to the show, and Irish stories and jokes are often told throughout.

Who Has Hosted The Late Late Show?

Gay Byrne was the first host of The Late Late Show, and did not retire until 1999, which meant that he hosted it for almost 37 years.

Pat Kenny took over in 1999 and hosted for a total of ten years, until Ryan Tubridy took his place. Tubridy still remains the current host of The Late Late Show today. In 2010, he became the first host to sing on the show during a special edition of The Late Late Show.

Next Late Late Show Host

The bookies give Miriam O’Callaghan the best odds of being the next host (YouTube screenshot)

Who Will be the Next Host?

Miriam O’Callaghan was apparently offered the job in 2009 before Ryan Tubridy was given the position, but she did not accept due to the fact she wanted to spend more time with her family and concentrate on her job with Prime Time.

Gerry Ryan, presenter of The Gerry Ryan Show, was also a favourite to present the show after Pet Kenny, but didn’t get the position. Sadly, he died suddenly the year after.

Although there are no rumours yet that Ryan Tubridy will be quitting the show or losing his position, there are already some names in the mix which many fans of the show would love to see as the next host when the time does come.

What Do the Bookies Think?

As usual, different bookmakers all have their favourite for who will become the next host of The Late Late Show when Ryan Tubridy retires from the job.

PaddyPower’s hot favourite is unsurprisingly Miriam O’Callaghan, a presenter who may very well be offered the job again when it arises. With odds of 4/7, she is just ahead of popular host Ray D’Arcy who has odds of 5/2.

PaddyPower’s most unlikely to host the show next is Podge and Rodge, two popular Irish puppets, with odds of 250/1.

Betting on the Next Host of The Late Late Show

If you choose not to bet with PaddyPower, BetFair is another company which is already taking bets on the next host of The Late Late Show.

Their top three favourites are the same as PaddyPower’s, with Miriam O’Callaghan taking the top spot with odds of 4/6 and Ray D’Arcy and Claire Byrne coming in at a close second and third, respectively.

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