What Are the Odds That Adele Will Sing the Next James Bond Theme?

Daniel Craig and Adele were a lethal combination for Skyfall in 2012, which did better than any other Bond movie to date.

But with Craig signed up for the upcoming movie, what’s the betting that Adele will sing the next Bond theme?

We’ll look at Paddy Power’s, and check every angle to answer the “will she, won’t she” question.

Adele Skyfall

Licence Renewed

The word was that he had given up the role for good, but in the last week the news broke that Daniel Craig has signed up for the next Bond instalment.

This is obviously a coup for the producers as Bond movies have never done better at the box office than with Craig playing 007.

And no Bond movie in the history of the franchise was more successful, critically or financially than Skyfall in 2012.

Needless to say, the singer on Skyfall was Adele.

Lethal Combination

Adele’s hit song earned comparisons with Shirley Bassey’s classics in the 60s and 70s. And in chasing Adele once more, the franchise producer Barbara Broccoli might be keen to capture some of that magic again.

Shirley Bassey gave us three Bond themes, in Goldfinger, Diamonds Are Forever and Moonraker. Not only will she always be famous for those songs, but they also add some magic to the movies.

Knowing that Broccoli will throw big money at the singer you might be persuaded to bet on Adele singing the next Bond theme.

Golden Voice

The other upside is that Adele isn’t just a talented vocalist, she’s an international megastar. And she can barely open her mouth without winning critical acclaim.

Her performance for Skyfall became the first ever Bond song to win a Golden Globe for “Best Original Song”, and went to number 1 in 18 countries, which is all gold dust for movie promoters.

The expectation is that if she contributes to the next Bond movie, it will gain more attention and more people will go see it.

So Will Adele Sing the Next Bond Theme?

Well, we know that Barbara Broccoli wants to sign Adele up, which is a good start. But we’re still a long way from knowing whether the artist will get on board.

At this point Paddy Power is offering evens that Adele will sing the next Bond theme.

The bookies reckon it’s marginally more likely that Adele will turn it down as at 8/11 to opt out.

Dr No?

Now, even more than in 2015, Adele holds all the cards, as her star has only risen in that time.

Adele’s albums come out at three or four-year intervals, and the last came out in 2015. Bearing in mind that she’s been touring for most of the last two years, there’s a fair bet that she’ll be working on a new album instead.

Just looking at her career, we know she’s not happy singing other people’s songs, so there might be doubts about whether she’d be able to contribute the time to write and record a theme.

Never Say Never Again

Do you think Adele will sing the next bond theme? Or does she have bigger and better things to do?

You never know when they’ll make the announcement, but Paddy Power’s market is open until 12:00 on Tuesday 31st August 2017.

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