Who Will Be the Next James Bond?

The story and character of James Bond have both been extremely popular ever since Ian Fleming brought them to life in 1953.

Since the novels were released, the story has been seen adapted for the radio, television, video games, comic strips and the cinema screen.

There are a total of twenty three James Bond films, the first one being released in 1962 with Sean Connery as the main character.

As of today, the James Bond series is the longest-running film series, proving just how hugely popular it was in the past and still is today.

Bet on the next James Bond

James Bond Actors

There have been a total of six actors playing James Bond to date, with the most recent being the dashingly handsome Daniel Craig.

The actor has played Bond in a total of three movies since 2006, the most recent being Skyfall, where the title song, sung by Adele, won an Academy Award.

Alongside this, the film itself was the recipient of two Grammys, two Academy Awards and two BAFTA awards. It went on to become the highest-grossing film ever in the UK and second-highest of the year 2012.

Who Could Be the Next James Bond?

There is much speculation regarding who could be the next James Bond actor, and rumours only increased when The Daily Mail reported that Sony emails mentioning Idris Elba as the new Bond had been leaked before Christmas 2014.

Henry Cavill, who rose to fame after the 2013 Superman movie was released, is also a hot favourite with fans and bookies alike.

Cavill might seem like the perfect choice for the role, but he may also be up against actors such as James McAvoy and Orlando Bloom, who have been on the acting scene for several years more than him.

However, Bond fans can expect to see Daniel Craig playing this well-loved character at least one more time, with the new Bond film, Spectre, set for release in November 2015.

Betting on who you think could be the next James Bond

If you’re pretty confident you could be right about who the next James Bond is going to be, there are several bookmakers which will offer you the chance to bet on several actors.

PaddyPower has an extensive list of potential actors that you can bet on. Their favourite is, of course, Idris Elba, with odds of 7/4.

However, if you’re not convinced that the leaked Sony emails meant anything, the next hot favourites are Tom Hardy with odds of 3/1, Michael Fassbender and Orlando Bloom, both with odds of 6/1, and Henry Cavill with odds of 10/1.

You can also bet with William Hill on who you think the next James Bond actor will be. While the odds are the same for favourite Idris Elba, you can bet on Henry Cavill with odds of 12/1 and Orlando Bloom with 10/1.

Some of the actors who don’t stand much of a chance but still made the list include footballer David Beckham, actor Will Smith and Robbie Savage.

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