Who Will Host the 2016 Oscars Ceremony?

Every year, The Oscars is a popular and widely-viewed ceremony which people all over the world gather together to watch. Apart from attracting hundreds of members of the people and many celebrities from various movies and TV shows, there are thousands who watch the ceremony live on the television too.

The History of The Oscars

Hosting The Oscars has been seen as a great honour from the moment it first began. It began as The Academy Awards, and actually only became known as The Oscars in 2013, despite the fact that the statuette has been titled “an Oscar” for many years.

The first ceremony in 1929 was hosted by Douglas Fairbanks, a popular actor of the day who starred in movies such as The Thief of Bagdad and Robin Hood.

Who Will Host the 2016 Oscars Ceremony?

The 11th ceremony was hosted by the famous comedian Bob Hope, who went on to host another 18 ceremonies. This meant that he has hosted The Academy Awards more than any other presenter.

Through the years, the ceremonies were hosted by many big names, including Fred Astaire, dancer and actor, Frank Sinatra, one of the world’s most famous and loved singers and Liza Minelli.

Some Fun and Possibly Unknown Facts about The Oscars?

Not everybody knows that the weight of an Oscars statuette is actually eight and a half pounds, which is much heavier than it really looks.

Among many other famous venue, the one which has been proud host to The Academy Awards the most is the fabulous Dorothy Chandler Pavilion.

There have been 87 ceremonies so far, the first one being in 1929 and the most recent in 2015.

Who Hosted the Most Recent Ceremony?

The most recent ceremony took place on February 22nd, 2015. The venue for this occasion was the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood.

Neil Patrick-Harris was the host of the ceremony this year, and received mixed reviews afterwards with regard to the way he had presented the show.

Who Could Host the 2016 Oscars Ceremony?

According to bookie Tom Waterhouse, Hugh Jackman is the favourite to host the next ceremony, with odds of 7/1.

Ellen DeGeneres, who hosted the show in 2014, could be welcomed back for a second time, and has odds of 10/1, coming in second place after Jackman.

Another favourite with bookies is James Corden, popular actor and comedian, who has not hosted the ceremony before and could make his debut next year.

However, SportsBet have a different set of favourites for hosting the next Oscars ceremony. Rather than Hugh Jackman snapping up their top spot, Jimmy Fallon takes this space instead with odds of 7/1.

With exactly the same odds, Jimmy Kimmel could be set to host the ceremony according to SportsBet, with Kevin Hart following closely with 8/1.

Ellen DeGeneres is still high up on the list, and comes in fourth place, with Hugh Jackman just behind her in fifth place with odds of 11/1.

Other and less likely potential hosts include Eddie Redmayne who bagged an Oscar this year for his performance in “The Theory of Everything” and Russell Crowe.

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