Bets on the US Presidential Election of 2016

The United States Presidential Election might seem a way off yet, but that doesn’t stop some eager speculators from around the world gossiping about who they think will make it into the position.

One thing we know for certain is that current US President Barack Obama won’t be elected again, since he’s reached the limit for the number of terms he has served as President.

Many citizens of America will be sad to see him leave the position, while others will welcome a change.

Bets on US Presidential Elections 2016

Hillary Clinton is the bookmakers’ favourite

Who Is Eligible for President of the USA?

The US Constitution sets out clear guidelines with regards to who could potentially become the President. Apart from being born in America, the candidates must also be at least 35 years old and have lived in the country for a minimum of fourteen years.

In most cases, each party will choose somebody who they think is a suitable candidate, and this person in nominated to run for the election.

Who Could Be the Next President?

Hilary Clinton has been on the scene of politics in America for a number of years now, so it’s no surprise that a lot of people seem to think she could win the position next year.

Republicans Ted Cruz and Chris Christie could also be in the running for the election. Chris Christie was thought to be Mitt Romney’s favourite for a running mate in 2012, although Romney eventually chose Paul Ryan instead.

For those who were fans of George W. Bush, the US President from 2001 to 2009, they’ll be pleased to hear that his younger brother Jeb Bush could be running for election in 2016 and stands a very good chance of getting into office.

Betting on the Next US President

It’s no surprise to see the likes of Hilary Clinton, Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio and Chris Christie top the board on the list of potential presidents according to PaddyPower, but many people are left wondering how people such as Kim Kardashian and Arnold Schwarzenegger have managed to make the list, albeit at the very bottom.

It’s laughable that one of the Kardashian sisters, famous for her looks and social life, has ended up on PaddyPower’s table. But with odds of 1000/1, it’s clearly a joke.

Jeb Bush is right up there in the top two, with odds of 7/2, just behind the popular Hilary Clinton who has odds of 11/10.

Mitt Romney wasn’t successful last time, but the bookmaker seems to think he could be in with a good chance this time, and as a result, he has odds of 16/1.

Bet365 has different odds, but Hilary Clinton and Jeb Bush still top the leaderboard with odds of 6/5 and 10/3, respectively. This UK bookmaker has a less extensive list than PaddyPower, but seems to display more realistic candidates.

Elizabeth Warren (18/1) and Sarah Palin (66/1) are two of the female politicians to make the list on Bet365, with Marco Rubio being given odds of 12/1 in this case.

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