Betting on the Next Labour Party Leader after Jeremy Corbyn

The Shadow PM, Jeremy Corbyn, is big with Labour party members, but he doesn’t have the support of every Labour MP. Far from it, after several resignations in the last 18 months and attempted mutiny post-Brexit.

Even now there are threats to quit the party over talk of a three-line whip on the government’s EU Withdrawal Bill.

The question is, when Jeremy Corbyn is finally ousted or does step down, who will be the next Labour Party leader?

Bet on Next Labour Party Leader

Left Winger or Blairite?

There’s a rift among Labour MPs at the moment, between the left side of the party represented by Corby and McDonnell, and the Blairite politicians.

The Blairites appear to have a lot of support from their colleagues, but little from the party members.

Clive Lewis 5/1

In that case the party might be tempted to appoint someone who shares Corbyn’s left-wing ideas, but comes in a younger, slicker package.

Lewis leads the way at 5/1, but with odds as long as those as favourite you can see how difficult it is to predict who will follow Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader. Lewis has been loyal to Corbyn since day one and is the Shadow Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

Keir Starmer 7/1

Starmer joined the shadow cabinet as Brexit Secretary in 2016, just a year after winning his Holborn and St Pancras seat by a huge margin in 2015.

That kind of trajectory, and the fact that he’ll be acquainted with the ins and outs of Brexit makes Starmer a possible successor to Corbyn. Another string in his bow is loyalty to Corbyn, which would stand him in good stead with the Labour members, if not other MPs.

John McDonnell 10/1

Also a pillar on the left of the party is John McDonnell, the Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer. Two decades older than Clive Lewis, McDonell would be a steadying hand on the same course as Corbyn.

One of the things to think about is the circumstances in which Corbyn’s succession will happen. Say Labour are trounced in 2020, maybe the aim will turn to electability.

Dan Jarvis 12/1

And Dan Jarvis has lots universal appeal. He was expected to run for the leadership in 2015, but discounted himself for family reasons.

What will turn heads though is that he’s an army hero, which could make him attractive to would-be UKIP voters.

David Miliband 12/1

For the people who saw the cleaner-cut of the Miliband brothers as the better candidate in 2010 Labour Leadership Election, this would right the wrongs of seven years ago.

David Miliband could command support from the left of the party, but also the strategists who are most concerned with electability.

Who’s It Going to Be?

So who do you think will be the next Labour Leader after Jeremy Corbyn? The market with Paddy Power will be open until April 2020.

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