When Will David Cameron Cease to Be the Leader of the Tory Party?

With the upcoming general election set to take place on May 7th in the UK, there is much speculation about who will be taking over the UK government and dominating the Houses of Parliament.

Although it looks like current Prime Minister David Cameron won’t be voted in for a second time this year, it doesn’t mean that he’ll cease to be the leader of the Tories.

When Will David Cameron Cease to Be the Leader of the Tory Party?

The Conservative Party

The Conservative Party, also known as the Tories, was founded in 1834 and is currently led by David Cameron. This party holds the most seats in Parliament at the moment, with 303 members.

In the past, Conservative Prime Ministers have included Winston Churchill, Anthony Eden and Margaret Thatcher.

David Cameron

Born in 1966, David Cameron studied at Eton College as a teenager and graduated from the University of Oxford later on. He was the Member of Parliament for Witney from 2001 until 2005, when he became the leader of the Conservative Party.

Policies of the Tory Party

The Conservative Party boasts policies regarding helping the environment, a subject which was a big part of the campaign to win the 2010 election.

The ‘Green Deal’ was put in place to increase car taxes on vehicles which didn’t contribute to the health of the planet and a stop to the growth of airports across the UK.

The Conservatives increased university tuition fees to £9,000 per year, a move which was not popular with both students and non-students alike. Although several large protests and campaigns were held up and down the country, it didn’t stop the increase of the fees.

Will David Cameron Retire Soon?

David Cameron has said that he would be happy to serve another term as Prime Minister, but would not serve a third term in power. However, following in the footsteps of previous leaders such as Tony Blair, who knows whether or not he will unexpectedly retire in the near future?

What if the Tories Don’t Win the 2015 Election?

If the Tories don’t win the 2015 election, this doesn’t mean that David Cameron will have to step down as the leader of the party. However, the Conservative Party may decide to elect a different leader of their party.

Who Would Be the Next Leader of the Tory Party?

After Cameron announced that he did not want to serve a third term, the media started speculating about who could follow in his footsteps.

One potential candidate for the position could be Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, who has stated in the past that he doesn’t believe there is much chance of him landing the position.

Other hopefuls include Theresa May, Home Secretary and George Osborne, the Chancellor.

Betting on When David Cameron Will Cease to Be the Leader of the Tory Party

William Hill believes that David Cameron will cease to be the leader of the Tory Party this year, 2015. With odds of 11/10, you can place a bet if you agree that Cameron will be leaving his position in the very near future.

Odds of 9/1 for Cameron leaving in 2016 and 18/1 for 2017, it appears that William Hill thinks the Prime Minister will be leaving sooner rather than later.

For those who believe he will be around another few years and leave in 2021 or later, gamblers can place a bet with odds of 25/1.

Bets can be placed up until May 7th at 7am UK time.

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