Will Melania Trump Ever Move into the White House?

At first we were told that Melania Trump would move into the White House with son Barron in the summer. But there have been reports that she may remain at Trump Tower in New York for good.

What are the odds that Melania will never move into the White House at all?

Melania Trump at the White House

Weird Times

Out of all the adjectives you could use to describe the first weeks of Donald Trump’s presidency, “confusing” feels most appropriate.

This applies to so many things going on at the moment, whether it’s Muslim travel bans, wiretapping accusations, Russian ties, or even whether news is real or fake.

Only Temporary

And the same word applies to this story.

Back in November transition officials stated that Melania and Barron wouldn’t immediately move into the White House, waiting instead until the end of the school year.

On the face of it this makes sense.

Barron is only 10 years old and could probably do without the disruption.

It might also be healthy to keep a 200-mile buffer between him and the circus happening in Washington until things die down.

Or Is It?

The reason Paddy Power is taking bets on whether Melania will move into the White House is that nobody’s too sure what’s going on.

We all knew that she would be a long-distance First Lady.

But nobody expected her to spend so little time at the White House.

So far most of the time Trump and Melania have spent together has been at the “Winter White House”, Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach.

As early as February there were reports that arrangements beyond June had not been decided.

Powerful First Daughter

There has never been a more powerful first daughter than Ivanka Trump, who is Ivana Trump’s child, and not Melania’s.

Ivanka is based in Washington and seems to have her dad’s ear on women’s and business issues.

Her husband Jared Kushner is also senior advisor to the president.

Family politics may mean that there’s only room for one female Trump in the White House.

Why Melania Will Probably Live at the White House

At the moment it’s costing the US taxpayer $30 million a month in security and other costs to keep Melania at Trump Tower.

It would be wise politically for a President who is all about slashing spending to cut this hefty cost.

The other is the “optics” of the First Lady living in a different city to the President.

Assuming there is some kind of rift between the couple, arrangements would be made for the sake of appearances.

What Are the Odds That Melania Never Moves into the White House?

At the moment Paddy Power is offering 5/1 that Melania will never move into the White House, and you can place your bets until Sunday 31st December.

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