Betting on the Next UK Prime Minister after Cameron

The Prime Minister of the UK holds the position of being the head of the government, and has many roles, including being the chairman of Cabinet meetings.

The History of the Prime Minister in the UK

Nobody really knows when the role of the Prime Minister first came about. Rather than being a set date or year when a Prime Minister was elected or chosen, the position has rather evolved over time into what we know today.

The term ‘Prime Minister’ was very common and well-known by the 1880s, so we can only assume that this title had been discussed and mentioned in Parliament long before then.

The role of Prime Minister was given recognition officially for the first time in 1905, although many historians believe that Sir Robert Walpole was actually the first to hold the position, being in power from 1721 to 1742.

Betting on the Next UK Prime Minister after Cameron

Prime Ministers of the UK Through the Years

One of the most famous Prime Ministers of the UK was David Lloyd George, who held the title from 1916 to 1922. He has become a household name in Britain since he was the leader of the UK at the end of the First World War.

Sir Winston Churchill was another historical figure in Britain who led the country through the Second World War. Apart from being popular with the people of the UK, he is also famous for being instrumental in the foundation of the United Nations.

Other famous Prime Ministers include Margaret Thatcher, the first and to date, the only, female to take on the role, Harold Wilson who was in office during 1974-1976 and John Major, a Labour politician who ran the country from 1990-1997.

Who Is the Current Prime Minister?

David Cameron came into office in 2010, after the UK had not seen a Conservative politician take the role since 1997.

The 2010 election also saw a coalition government take over in Britain, between the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats.

Under David Cameron, the UK has seen the London 2012 Olympics take place, the increase of student tuition fees to £9,000 per year and the legalisation of same-sex marriage in England and Wales.

Who Could Become the Next Prime Minister of the UK?

If you’d like to bet on the next Prime Minister of the UK, PaddyPower is one of the bookies offering this to those who’d like to try their luck. Ed Miliband, leader of the Labour party, has evens and is likely to win the votes of many young people after announcing that student tuition fees will be cut to £6,000 per year.

Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, has odds of 5/1 and Andy Burnham, an MP who came fourth out of five in the 2010 Labour leadership election vote, follows closely behind with odds of 8/1.

Previous Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair has also made the list, although he is much further down than the likes of Boris Johnson, with odds of 80/1.

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