Will the Scottish Vote for Independence by 2024?

The vote for Scottish independence in 2014 gained a huge amount of publicity, not only in the UK but around the world.

The result was split almost evenly, with 55% saying they would rather Scotland remain part of the UK, and the remaining 45% believing that the best move would be for Scotland to leave the UK.

Since such a large amount of the Scottish population were not happy with the result of the referendum last year, it is widely anticipated that there will be another vote in the future.

Will the Scottish Vote for Independence by 2024?

The History of Scotland and the UK

The Acts of Nations in 1707 brought Scotland and England together, and the two countries have joined together in a union ever since.

Despite the previous wars and struggles which the countries were involved in, it was agreed between Parliaments that this was the best option for both countries.

Why Does Scotland Want to Break Away From the UK?

Although the majority of people residing in Scotland currently do not want independence, there are several reasons why so many of them do.

Apart from the history of war and rivalry between English and Scotland, there are other problems which cause the Scots to crave independence.

Scotland is generally thought of as a more liberal country, while England has built a reputation for being more Conservative. Cuts by David Cameron in recent years were not popular with the Scottish people, and many people in Scotland don’t believe that Westminster should have so much control over the country.

Will Scotland Get Another Referendum?

It is very likely that Scotland will get another referendum on whether or not they want independence, but nobody knows a time or date for this to happen.

Nicola Sturgeon, leader of the Scottish National Party, stated that Scotland will eventually get independence one day, and that it was a case of “when” rather than “if”.

Given that 71% of people aged 16-17 and 48% of those aged 18-24 voted to break the union between Scotland and England, it is very possible that a future referendum will see the opposite outcome.

Will Scotland Be Independent by 2024?

William Hill is allowing gamblers to bet on whether they believe Scotland will be independent by 2024. This issue is targeting the question not only of whether Scotland will get another referendum by 2024, but also whether or not the Scottish people will vote differently the next time around.

William Hill has put ‘No’ in the top spot, and with odds of 1/9, some lucky people could be in wish a chance of winning money if the Scots remain part of the UK by the end of 2024.

With odds of 5/1, the ‘Yes’ vote is perhaps more unlikely to happen within the next nine years or so, but who knows how things may fall into place for Scotland?

The betting is open until May 7th at 7am UK time.

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