Trump & Russia: Betting Specials

The story goes that Trump and Russia were getting pretty cosy long before his election campaign.

Will the love affair continue? And if so, can they take it to the next level?

We’ll have a look at Paddy Power’s Trump and Russia betting specials to see how weird this thing can get.

trump and russia betting specials

Trump and Putin to Receive Joint Nobel Prize (25/1)

Yeah, this might sound like a joke. But political jokes have had a habit of coming true this past year.

President Obama snagged a Nobel peace prize in 2009 in the middle of a drone bombing campaign.

Still, the Nobel Committee might have noticed a few mishaps concerning civilians in Syria since Trump took over.

And add to the mix Putin’s backing of Assad, who’s inclined to use chemical weapons on his own citizens.

We know the Nobel Peace Prize bar is set low, but it’s going to take an ambitious punter to bet on this special.

Trump to Holiday in Russia Every Year of His Presidency (33/1)

If we had to one bet from this list of specials, this one would be our favourite.

We know that Trump has business ties to Russia, and that he sold one of his mansions to the billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev.

And whether he’s spoken out over Ivanka Trump’s accessory line, or conducted official visits at the Mar-a-Lago, Trump has shown that he has no qualms about mixing his business interests with the presidency.

So you could easily see him accepting an annual invite for a golf trip to Sochi and shrugging it off.

Trump to Have a Russian Airport Named after Him (66/1)

Yes, it’s intriguing that Trump’s former advisor Michael Flynn is trying to claim immunity in exchange for testimony in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

And yes, there are dozens of ties between Russia and Trump’s inner circle.

But for Trump to have a Russian Airport named after him you’d expect him to have to defect Russia or do something dramatic.

Needless to say, this might be outside the realm of possibility.

Trump to Be Caught Visiting Prostitutes in the Moscow Ritz (100/1)

One of funniest details in British spy Christopher Steele’s dossier on Trump was about some “water sports” in the presidential suite of Moscow’s Ritz Carlton.

Now the word is that Steele has long been seen as a credible intelligence source.

And several of Steele’s other claims have apparently been corroborated by other intelligence personnel.

One of these is that the Russian diplomat Mikhail Kalugin was working as a spy for the Kremlin before returning to Moscow in August 2016.

But really? As hilarious as it would be, do we really think this could have happened?

Fancy a Flutter on Trump & Russia?

Airports, prostitutes and a Nobel Prize could be the title to a movie worth watching. But do any of these scenarios sound plausible to you?

If so, you can place your bets with Paddy Power until 31st December 2017.

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