Bet on FIFA’s Next President

The Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) first began back in May 1904 and is the governing body of football and soccer across the world.

Where Did FIFA Come From?

The idea of FIFA was created in the early 20th century, after football began to become even more popular then ever before. Association football had to be taken care of by one single body, and this seemed the best way forward.

In English, FIFA is the International Federation of Association Football. However, since it was decided in Paris over a hundred years ago, the acronym came about as a result of the French name.

Bet on FIFA's Next President

Sepp Blatter is the current FIFA President (Image: Sputniktilt)

What Does the FIFA President Do?

The FIFA President is a supervisor and part of the Executive Committee. His role in the Committee is to cast votes whenever necessary, and he is part of the FIFA Congress.

How Is the FIFA President Elected?

The election for the next FIFA President is held the year after the World Cup, arguably the most famous event in the world of football which takes place every four years.

When the time comes for the elections, various candidates will run for election, much like a national election in a country.

Rather than members of the public voting for the next President of FIFA, the decision is left up to the members of Congress and the Executive Committee.

FIFA Presidents of the Past

So far, there have been eight FIFA presidents, and three of them have died while serving as the President.

While some of the presidents, such as Rodolphe Seeldrayers who only served for a year before his death, did not hold their positions for long periods of time, others were fortunate enough to be in office for much longer.

No president has held the title longer than Jules Rimet, who was President of FIFA for 33 years, from 1921 until 1954. Because of the likes of Rimet, FIFA has been around for 110 years with just eight presidents.

Who Is the Current President?

The current FIFA President is Sepp Blatter, who won the election first in 1998. He was elected again in 2002, then in 2007 and once again in 2011.

When Is the Next FIFA Presidential Election?

The next election will take place in 2015. The results will be known on Friday, 29th May.

Betting on the Next FIFA President

Football fans can try their luck at winning some money by betting on who they think will be successful in the next FIFA Presidential Election.

Sepp Blatter is the favourite of bookie BetSafe, following by Michael van Praag, a Dutch sports director. After becoming one of the most successful chairman for the famous Ajax Amsterdam, it’s no surprise that he could be in with a chance of snatching the position away from Blatter.

The Vice President of FIFA, Prince Ali bin Al-Hussein, is being backed by many nations, include England, the United States of America and his home country of Jordan. Although he is third on BetSafe’s list, he could be successful if he manages to gather even more support.

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