Bet on Which City Will Host the Olympics in 2024

The host city for the 2024 Olympics will be decided this September. Now it’s down to a two-horse race between Paris and Los Angeles.

Both bids have their pros and cons, and we’ll check the odds, tell you what happens next and offer some food for thought.

city host of olympics 2024

And Then There Were Two

Does nobody want to win this thing or what?

Of the five original candidates, Budapest pulled out after a national petition, Rome because of political strife, and Hamburg withdrew after its citizens voted against a bid in a referendum.

Will Paris Host the Olympics in 2024? (1/2)

The City of Light is favourite to stage the Olympic games in 2024.

Politically they’ve garnered support from more than 50 cities from around the world for their bid, including Sydney, Athens, Barcelona and Tokyo, which have all won the selection process in the last couple of years.

If there are a couple of drawbacks, one is that Paris will build its Olympic village from scratch, whereas Los Angeles will use existing accommodation, which the IOC prefers.

Or Will Los Angeles Host the Olympics in 2024? (7/5)

Los Angeles stands apart from recent contenders in that it’s a corporate project. The funding will come from private, not public money, which insulates it from the trouble that forced the other contenders to drop out.

The obvious downside is Los Angeles’ transport problems. It’s almost a cliché that public transport is a nightmare, and driving isn’t much easier.

Could There Be a 24-28 Deal?

Right now both cities are vying for 2024. But one of the rumours swirling the IOC at the moment is a deal that would give one city 2024 and the other the Olympics in 2028.

This would be unprecedented.

But it’s also unusual to be left with just two bidders six months before the vote.

Not only that, but both Paris and Los Angeles will likely come out with high scores in the evaluation process coming up. That’s because both adhere to most of the new rules around using existing facilities as much as possible.

There might be room for a compromise. And given that Paris has had several bids turned down over the last couple of decades, 2024 could be their time.

What Happens Next?

If you’re betting on the Olympic host vote there are a few dates to keep in mind.

In June the crucial Evaluation Commission Reports will be published, and then the bidders will give their final briefing to the IOC members in July.

Finally the host city will be selected in Lima, Peru, at the 130th IOC session in September. There will be no two-round vote this time, and if there’s a deal the whole process will just be a formality.

Who Will Host the 2024 Olympics?

La La Land or Gay Paris? Where is your money going?

It’s a close call, and if you want to bet on who will stage the 2024 Olympics Paddy Power has a market open until Tuesday 18th July 2024.

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