Who Will Be Arsenal’s Next Manager?

Arsène Wenger deserves respect, but even his biggest admirers will admit that the great Frenchman’s time at Arsenal is coming to a close.

We’re going to size up the best odds and bets on the next Arsenal manager and add a couple of outside tips of our own.

Next Arsenal manager odds and betting

Massimiliano Allegri (4/1)

The joint favourite is set to take Juve to another Champions League final. After building on Conte’s work with the Old Lady, would Allegri see the Gunners as a step down?

But that doesn’t mean that he wouldn’t be attracted by a bigger pay packet and Arsenal’s untapped spending power. Reason for doubt? Arsenal do like to bring through young talent, while Allegri has always got results with experience.

Thomas Tuchel (4/1)

One of the things everyone assumes about Wenger’s successor is that he’ll have a similar commitment to attacking football and working with younger players.

Allegri’s Juventus happily switch between defensive and attacking in the space of a few minutes, but his teams don’t take the initiative as much as Dortmund under Thomas Tuchel.

BVB have won plaudits for their style under Tuchel, but what has Klopp’s successor actually achieved? So far there’s been stylish football with a young team, but the gap at the top of the Bundesliga has only widened. Wouldn’t Tuchel be more of the same?

Diego Simeone (6/1)

If you’re betting on the next Arsenal manager, let us tell you now that this one will never happen. Simeone and Atlético is a match that can’t be replicated. The connection that he has with the Rojiblancos’ faithful and the way they buy into his approach is organic and unique.

He won’t leave the Vicente Calderón any time soon. Beyond that there’s the question of style compatibility and that’s before we even get to the language barrier.

Eddie Howe (10/1)

Bournemouth’s young manager definitely isn’t the prime candidate but he ticks a lot of boxes others do not.

For what it’s worth, he does have Premier League experience. But more importantly Howe has stuck to a way of playing that has ensured two successful campaigns for the Premier League’s smallest team.

But he’s still an unknown quantity in many ways: How would he deal with big egos? Can he mount a top flight title push? How would he balance European football with domestic competition?

Best of the Other Bets

Don’t shoot us down, but Brendan Rodgers (14/1) makes a lot of sense for such low odds. His reputation took a kicking in the last season at Liverpool, but his stars had been sold off and he was lumbered with some iffy signings.

Style-wise he’s a perfect match, and his work in 2013-14 and with Swansea in 2011-12 was impeccable. Don’t count out Manuel Pellegrini (14/1) though, who would be a safe pair of hands and already speaks near-perfect English.

Betting on the Next Arsenal Manager

Where’s your money going to go? With the manager’s future still up in the air there’s no deadline to bet on Wenger’s successor.

But it might be worth keeping an eye on the FA Cup final on 27th May.

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